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Deferred Payment

Deferred Payment

The new version Barcode-parking-ticket payment instruction
Parking ticket payment method:
1. Roadside parking is NTD 20 per hour for small passenger vehicles and mini-truck, NTD 60 per hour for coach car and heavy truck. If parking time does not exceed one hour shall be considered as one hour. Charge time range from 8 am to 10 pm everyday.
2. Please bring the Payment Notice Statement to 7-11, Family Mart, Hi-Life, OK Convenience Store for payment within the deadline. Late payments please go to The Department of Public Parking Management, or bring the Late Payment Notice Statement to the above mentioned convenience stores for payment.
3. Please take care of payment notice properly, do not fold, damage, or ruin to avoid any barcode scan issue. Please go to The Department of Public Parking Management for payment if barcode can not be read.
Any late payment can not be made in convenience stores without late payment notice.
Please keep the payment notice at safe place, do not lose it to avoid any influence on personal rights.
4. Please ask for receipt and keep for four months after payment has made to reserve your rights, receipt is needed for legal inspection if there is any dispute.
5. If payment does not received or did not report the lost of payment notice before ten days after the deadline is considered as not follow the payment regulation, under “The law of Tainan City Public Parking Management”, the penalty for such overdue payment is twice the original payment amount, also under Article 56, Act 11 of “The Regulation of the Penalty of Road Traffic Management”, a penalty of NTD600~1200 must be applied.
6. Tainan City Public Parking Lot is not responsible for car preservation under any circumstances.
7. Mental and Physical disable people please stick the certificate issued by The Department of Public Parking Management on the windshield as regulated. Please park on the disable reserved spots when the car does not operate personally by the disable. Please notice that there is no free charge preference when parking on the regular spots. Disable people from outside cities please place the Mental and Physical Disable Handbook, vehicle license and driver’s license on a visible spot of the windshield to receive the free charge preference, without the above mentioned documentation the free charge preference can not be made and should follow the regular payment method.
Please contact The Department of Public Parking Management if there is any question.